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Affordable, flexible plans proven to help people lose 15% of their body weight on average.*

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*Based on 5,377 members who have been on the Sequence program for at least 26 weeks. Average reported body weight lost was 15.17% and the top quartile lost an average of 19.90% of body weight.

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A comprehensive weight loss program

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Take our 5-minute quiz

Answer a few questions to see if a Sequence membership is right for you.

Book your virtual consultation

Meet with your board-certified clinician to review your assessment and develop your custom weight loss treatment plan.

Receive your medication

Your Clinician might prescribe appropriate medications for you — in many cases, GLP-1s like Wegovy, Saxenda, or Zepbound.

Track your progress

Measure your progress in our free app and meet with a Dietitian, Fitness Coach, or your Clinician to make sure you stay on track.
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Get started for just $49

Get started with a $49 initial consultation. After that, program membership costs $99 per month. Right now, you can get your first month of membership free.*

* Your Sequence program includes the cost of labs and non-GLP-1 medications. The cost of GLP-1 medications is subject to insurance coverage. Your Care Team will help you with insurance coverage.

Holistic weight loss program

Included in the Sequence program

Insurance Coordinator

Your Care Team helps you maximize insurance coverage & apply for savings cards

Prescription care

Your Clinician might prescribe FDA-approved medications like GLP-1s

Nutrition plan

Develop a personalized plan with your Registered Dietitian to sustain your progress

Clinician check-ins

Meet with your Clinician to adjust your plan and get ongoing care.

Fitness plan

Build on your progress with a fitness plan developed with your Fitness Coach

Free companion app

Use the web app to log your progress, request refills, and message with your Care Team

Start a comprehensive weight management program now

Get started for $49 and then $99 per month after your first month.
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