Dear Sequence family!

We have some exciting news! We’ve made the decision to join forces with WeightWatchers. It’s a huge milestone in our journey to provide the best and most comprehensive weight management program.

We want to reassure you that nothing is changing about the Sequence program. We’ll continue to expand the program and grow the community that so many of you love. And our philosophy of a bias-free and stigma-free approach to weight management will stay the same.

We're looking forward to expanding our care, advocacy, and accessibility, and the support of WeightWatchers will help us educate a larger audience about obesity treatment and weight stigma. We think it's a very positive sign for the future of obesity medicine that such a well-known company is looking to learn from obesity doctors and is expanding their weight management programs to include Sequence.

Our partnership with WeightWatchers gives us the opportunity to invest even more in what we’ve built, and we’re incredibly excited about the next chapter ahead. 

Very best,
Remi Cossart, Cofounder and CEO
Spencer Nadolsky, Medical Director
Calvin Young, Cofounder CTO
Is Sequence changing?
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